I feared building our home but Brian made this whole process a lot less stressful. Having time with an interior designer in our contract to help us made a world of difference. We love our new home and could not have asked for a better builder. Mary Jane Dress

These guys at Brian T Armstrong Construction are top notch builders! Brian’s professionalism exceeds anyone I have ever dealt with. Anytime we changed or altered something, Brian did not hesitate to jump through hoops to satisfy what we were wanting. The attention to detail is like no other. Brian is a honest and really good guy. You can tell his crew enjoys what they are doing and it just makes it that much more of an enjoyable experience. If you want a good, quality custom home built, this is the team for you. I can promise that you will not be disappointed! Justin Stewart

Brian T Armstrong Construction is a very professional company with amazing workers. Their website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. They are very informative and email back in a timely manner. We are currently looking to build and we are greatly enjoying how helpful they are being. I highly recommend you get into contact with them for all your building/remodeling needs! Shelby W.

Quality home builders are a dime a dozen but Brian T Armstrong Construction is a diamond in the rough! Brian is a stand up guy who’s stands by his word and he always gets the job done and done right! I would highly recommend using him for your next build or remodel. Shawn Long

I cannot say enough about this company! When my husband and I made the decision to build a house instead of purchase a new one, all of our friends and family told us how stressful and frustrating the whole experience would be. To our lovely surprise, we instantly liked Brian! Due to his laidback and easy demeanor – NOT to be misconstrued for lazy – his attention to detail and recommendations to keep us within budget confirmed he was an excellent fit as a builder for us. We worked with Kade Laws Interior Design, a member of the design team, who set us up with showroom appointments, kept us EXTREMELY organized, and ALWAYS within budget. This whole process was very enjoyable and meticulously well thought-out. We never felt overwhelmed throughout the process because we were given us just enough “homework” to keep us focused and moving along at a manageable pace. I cannot stress this enough: the ONLY time we went over budget was because WE chose to do so. Brian’s team reminded us, through it all, that choices or changes we made would increase our expenses. This not only made us trust and respect the team but this also made us really think about what was important to us and worth extra expense. The designer was also able to help us eliminate things we didn’t really need/want to help keep us within budget. This is a HUGE win when planning and building a home!! They are fantastic and have made all of our home dreams a reality!!! Jenn Baumeister

I highly recommend Brian T Armstrong Construction. Brian is one of the most honest and professional builders that I have ever worked with. He has amazing attention to detail! Brian works with you to insure that you receive the home of your dreams! Rachel Kaiser

Brian T Armstrong Construction is the BEST in Baldwin County! Brian and his team built our Coastal Cottage in Magnolia Springs with not one detail was missing. Brian is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, he keeps his projects running smoothly and within budget. Brian, as well as all of his sub-contractors, carry General liability insurance which gave us a major peace of mind. I would highly recommend Brian and his team if you are looking to build or remodel. With Brian T Armstrong Construction you get QUALITY, honesty, and integrity all in one company and project! Kade Laws-Andrews

Brian and his team created an incredible bunk room in our condo for us. With only a picture of what I had in mind, they were able to create a great space for all of our guests to enjoy. Our grandbabies give it a 5 star review. I would highly recommend Brian T Armstrong Construction to anyone who is wanting to build in Baldwin County. Truly a professional team on all levels. Nancy Jones

Brian and his team built my home several years ago, which was a dream come true. Brian’s professionalism and attention to detail was amazing through the whole process. He cleared my whole lot with his equipment, prepped the lot, built my house pad, and he went on to build my whole house. This made it easy because everything was with one company. Not having to deal with several contractors to do all of that work was a blessing! It was easy to see that Brian stuck to his word and that he will work with the his customers to achieve perfection. It was such a pleasure to work with Brian! Janice Armstrong

I had feared building a new home being super stressful, but Brian made building our home a much better process than l could have hoped. Having time with an interior designer made the world of difference! Having them in our contract was great to have them help us with color schemes and it made a world of difference. We love our new home and could not have asked for a better builder! Thank you to Brian and the team at Brian T Armstrong Construction. Mary Jane Dress

I’ve worked with Brian for 10+ years as a supplier and without question I can honestly say that Brian does a great and high quality job. Brian has loads of experience and goes above and beyond to get you what you want in your new home or remodel. I would absolutely recommend him to a friend. Dexter Curry

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