New Home construction is for those of you that are eager to create your dream home. Here at Brian T Armstrong Construction, we are dedicated to helping our customer’s dreams become their reality. We do this through our very detailed process of scheduling the first appointment to discuss the design and price of the new home. After discussing the design and the price, we will then make an appointment with one of our home designers to start the custom design of your new home. After we finish with the design process, we transition into the quoting phase so that we price all the features that you want in your home. All of the quoting is done in-house. Once the quoting is finished, we pursue to the contract phase and financing. When the financing closes with the bank, you will then begin construction. Construction typically takes anywhere between 6 to 12 months, depending on the size of the house. After all construction is complete, then we will issue your home warranty and termite bond.

The difference between us and our competitors is that our team is dedicated to detail and organization. The first team member that you will be working with will be out the interior designer. She will help pick out all the features of the new home in the beginning so that the house will run on time and on budget. The second member will be the superintendent that will be in charge of the construction project. He will supervise the daily process during construction. All of our team works together to make sure that the process runs smoothly and is as stress-free as possible.

Throughout the whole process we, at Brian T Armstrong Construction, are dedicated to staying organized so that our customer does not get stressed out. This is attained with our superintendents being in contact with the customers as needed. Our design book, which is organized at the beginning of the construction process, contains all of the details that the customer wants and has priced in the house. The superintendent has this on site so that he knows every detail during the construction. Customers are able to have access and see their design books whenever they would like online through Dropbox.


If you are currently in a place of needing to remodel your home in any way, we are the team that you want. When we go in to do a remodel, we make sure that it is done right and done well. Your remodel will not look like an add on to your house, rather, it will look like an original design. When it comes to remodeling with Brian T Armstrong Construction, there will be an onsite visit to your home to do a proper assessment. While we are doing our on-site visit, we will gather as much information from you as possible so that we can create exactly what you are wanting to accomplish. Each remodel is different and we are trying to add on a revised and original design, so the on-site visit is a must.

After the on-site assessment, we will bring in one of our designers to draw up the remodel for the homeowner’s approval. Our designers are very detailed oriented and will need to take measurements of the existing house. Once they have all of the measurements and the customers input, they will develop the floor plans. If an engineering is required, we can handle that as well. When the floor plans are finished being drawn, then we will move into pricing. We will take the plans and send them out to numerous contractors to bid on the project. The subcontractors that are allowed to bid are contractors that we work with on a regular basis so that we are consistent with our high quality product. After we get all of the pricing back, we will enter all of the data in to the computer to get the total cost of the project which will include the builders cost plus 30%

To make sure that our customers remain confident throughout the whole remodel, we make sure to tell them that we will not do anything to their house that we would not do to our own homes. We do this by listening to what they want and make sure to give honest and accurate feedback. On a remodel job, which is a cost plus contract, the customer will get copies of all of the invoices from all of the subcontractors. This is to insure that the customer knows where every dollar is spent.


Our site work division is geared towards contractors and homeowners that need work on their land before they build their new home. We have excavators, skid steers, tractors, dump trailers, and the experience to clear your lot so that your home will have a proper foundation. We typically clear the lots, install the culvert pipes, build access driveways, build house pads, underground electric conduit, rough grade, demolition, haul dirt, deliver mason sand, tree removal, concrete transportation (in lieu of a pump truck which is very expensive), pour concrete driveways, build custom rock driveways, pole barns, set palm trees, dig trenches for water or sewer lines, correct drainage issues, haul off debris, stump removal, and construction clean up.

We do site work for contractors and homeowners that are looking to build because we are passionate about the proper preparation for the foundation. If the trees are not properly removed and vegetated material is left under the house, it can cause a major foundation problem. If the proper removal of trees and vegetation does not happen, you can anticipate your foundation to settle, and cause problems with the home. Concrete would begin to excessively crack and come apart, bricks will crack, sheetrock will crack, and if worst comes to worst, the foundation would have to be repaired. For any construction project, it is very important to have a professional install your foundation and prep your lot or land.

We meet with each of our customers on their jobsite to discuss the project, and the most economical method to achieve their desired results. Throughout the whole project, we will stay in consistent communication with you to make sure that you know what is going on and what is going to happen next. Our equipment is perfect for the jobs we do because we can transport and work efficiently. We don’t have setup or transportation fees just a minimum job cost for each job.

We take pride in our work at Brian T Armstrong Construction, and we feel that every job should be done correctly. We don’t take shortcuts, and our dedication shows on every job we undertake. We would like to thank every customer for giving us a chance to work together on their project.

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