Are you looking for a custom home builder Baldwin County Alabama to provide you with new home construction? If so then look no further than Brian T Armstrong Construction. We’re going to build provide you the highest level of quality construction of anyone in the market. Is because our owner has over 15 years of experience building homes in the area. This not only means that he is very experienced with construction techniques and materials but also the geography of the area on the soil conditions. This means you’re going to receive not only quality carpentry but also a great foundation.

If you want a Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama to not only build provide you with a new home construction project but also remodeling project we got you covered. Our company is going to build to provide you with high quality remodels like no one else. Is because we are not only going to provide you with excellent craftsmanship but also our design team is of the very highest quality. You’ll find that we are going to make sure that your home is comfortable and cozy from the day that it is complete.

Whenever you hire us to be your custom home builder Baldwin County Alabama you are going to find that we are going to be able to not only build your dream home but also do the site work for it as well. This means that you know you’re going to receive quality work from the ground up. We are going to make sure that all the vegetation is removed underneath the foundation so your home is going to last an entire lifetime. Whenever the vegetation not only from underneath the foundation your home is prone to settling faster than you might realize. This way we believe it is such an important step that we have to handle this part of the construction absolute no matter what.

For you hire us for your new home construction we encourage you to go to our website check our project gallery. It is going to give you an idea of some of the high-quality homes we have built in the past. You’ll see that every custom home and we build we make sure that all rooms have a walking closet. This is a huge selling point for most people’s lives. Walking closet the loud rooms to look cleaner and neater by packing we all the things that have them out little the room. Your wife will agree with us so do not argue let us build your dream home today excavation Mark

If you decide that we are the correct Brian T Armstrong Construction for you then all you have to do is gives a call. We cannot wait to work with you to achieve you the home of your dreams a call us at 215-747-3801 today! If you like to learn more information about our company and some of the things make us great please go to

Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama | give us a call today!

While we would give you many different options to contact us as a custom home builder Baldwin County Alabama there is one that sticks out above all the rest. We absolutely love that whenever our customers just go ahead and give us a phone call and so we get the process started. This is the most direct way for you to get in contact with us so that we can begin construction on your new dream home today! That being said this is not the only way you can contact us a feel free to contact us in any form that you feel comfortable.

One of the reasons we are the highest most reviewed custom home builder Baldwin County Alabama companies is because we answer our phones nobody else. We make sure that our team is very responsive to any incoming phone calls. We will make sure that whether you are a new customer looking to sign up for your new dream home, where a current customer wanting an update we are going to be able to answer you quickly. If you are unable to reach us upon the first phone call, please leave a voicemail we will get back to you. This because we understand how important effective medication so does not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.

In addition to being able to call your favorite custom home builder Baldwin County Alabama, you can also visit our website. Whenever you visit our website you can fill out several different contact forms that will allow us to get in contact with you. On the very first page of, you will see a form that says design your dream home today. This one is going to give us contact information we need to reach out to you so we can schedule a design session of your dream home. Do not hesitate and take advantage of this amazing offer today so we can begin work on your custom dream home.

Another great place to contact us is by going to our Facebook page instead of calling. Whenever you are faced with that you are going to be able to not only see the latest updates and offers that we have but also builds in the semester. Whenever you send this message we are going to work to respond to you very quickly. We realize that whenever you have questions you want to be answered very quickly. This is why we trade off nights and weekends with various members of our team so that we can give you answers to your questions at any time!

Now the you know how to get in contact with us you have no excuse. You now know the going to our website is going to be an effective way of getting us to give you a call. You also know that we absolutely love you calling us directly getting the process started today so let the phones ring at 215-747-3801.