If you currently living goal shores are looking for a home builder Baldwin County Alabama that is near you then you would like. Brian T Armstrong Construction provides high-quality home construction to residents in the entirety of Baldwin County. This includes goal shores and all the way up the very top the county. The majority of our construction projects at an angle Shores and Orange Beach. No matter if you’re wanting an all new home, or just a home remodel we’re going to build provide the services to you.

If you currently live in Bay Minette and are looking for a home builder Baldwin County Alabama Brian T Armstrong Construction is your number one option. We are the highest and most reviewed home builder in the entire county. We achieve this by providing many of the homeowners in only your community but from the top to the bottom of the county with high quality homes. We have done this time and time again and provided a consistent product that is sure to impress. Let us make you are next satisfied customer by calling today 215-747-3801.

Anyone looking for a home builder Baldwin County Alabama that lives in Loxley is in line. This because you are extremely close to Brian T Armstrong Construction. This is actually the place that we call home. While it may not be the biggest tell the world, we are building plenty of homes in our hometown. This makes us extremely happy and proud to serve our community. Not only are we proud to serve our community and be a good example as we move throughout other communities we are proud to provide jobs to our local economy.

Any of the people that are looking for construction near them to live in Baldwin County are going to benefit from us having been performing these services in the area for nearly 15 years. Before founding our company in 2013 our owner Brian Armstrong spent 10 years with a another local builder. That means he is been building homes in this county for nearly 2 decades. If you want this experience to be applied your home and make sure that your house is not only built quality but also on time and on budget been call us. We have Brian’s leadership things for being able to provide these and wonderful services.

If you’re ready to build your home with a local homebuilder than all you have to do is get our website. Whenever you go to briantarmstrongconstructioninc.com you’re going to be old to learn a lot of information about us ours company. If you like the things the you find on this website it waiting on your phone call at 215-747-3801. Our customer service representatives cannot wait to hear from you begin helping you live in the home of your dreams!

Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama | who is Brian Armstrong?

Brian Armstrong is the best home builder Baldwin County Alabama has ever seen. He is been building homes in the area since 2003. This is whenever Brian moved to the area and began managing construction projects for another local contractor. He worked here for 10 years underneath this contractor learning not only the ropes of the trade, but also how to build our local environment. Because we have unique weather events such as hurricanes, and every geographic region has different soil types in the such, Brian has truly learned what it takes to build a long-lasting home in our community.

In 2013 Brian decided to become an independent home builder Baldwin County Alabama. This is when he stepped out of the company he had called home for 10 years and found Brian T Armstrong Construction. The first step whenever he began this journey was building a high-quality website. You can find this website by going to briantarmstrongconstructioninc.com. This is where he showed off his skills as a high-quality contractor. You can visit this website to this day and still find information not only about Brian but primarily the services and products that we offer. We also find about any promotions that we are running, any awards we have received, as well as build check out testimonials from our customers.

In addition to being outstanding home builder Baldwin County Alabama Brian Armstrong provides outstanding remodels. Whenever Brian first opened the company back 2013 he did any project that give him some money. While we have come along way since then we still handle home remodels. Having much experience with these we first started out, we’re going to build provide you home remodel that is going to not only save you money but give you the very best outcome possible. If you like to visit our website check out our project gallery to see exactly what your home remodel could look like feel free.

One place that our owner leaves and spending more time more money and then the majority of our competition is in the site work. He believes the site work is the make or break portion of the home. Literally. This because if you do not have all the vegetation properly that is underneath the swirl as it degrades and breakdowns over time your home is going to begin settling. This means you will start having foundational issues sooner than you ever thought possible. This can be extremely costly accident so do not let it happen you.

If you like to learn more about our owner Brian Armstrong we have to do is visit our website. Whenever you go to briantarmstrongconstructioninc.com and click the about us page you will see plenty of information about him. If you think that he is going to be the best job of providing you with the custom home of your dreams all you have to do is gives a call at 215-747-3801.