Brian T Armstrong construction has one of the best teams around. We love to be the place you go for your new home construction. We are very detailed in our process whenever you miss anything that you want. Each step of the way we make sure that we have the most efficient and effective tools to make sure that we can give you the best price and save us and you some time. We’re the place to go for any Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama.

We believe it is important for us organized to help you feel safe along the way is that we don’t miss any of the important details. We know a lot of things going on in your building you are up to date and eight anytime you want you know exactly what is happening. Each and every one of our job site supervisors this can have a detailed list of what is happening and what has been done. Anytime you like to reach out to them can be quick to respond that you can feel confident in us knowing that we know exactly where we are and what we are doing. Our organization is one of the reasons that people consider this to be the best Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama.

I went and organize our materials or else can organize our finances so that you can clearly see where each and every single one of your dollars is going. We know that when you buy house is one of the support is there everyone to make in your life. When a make sure that you know exactly where your money is going and why you should choose us to do it. We believe that we are the most transparent company around. Was can work with integrity and show you exactly what is happening. When we open with how much money we are making from you and how much money is going to go to our subcontractors. This can allow you to see if your money is being spent wisely.

Our transparency is why we are the Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. We are always gonna put you first make sure that we communicate with each step of the way. We have interior designers as well as exterior designers working to help give you the look that you want when to make sure that you are confident and proud of the house received. We have built some of the best houses in Alabama and as a local Alabama and we are going to make sure that you are proud of the house you get. We are always gonna make sure that we treat you like family and we always put our customer first.

If you like to learn more about a company in the services that we offer go to or 251-747-3801 and check out the different services that we do we not only do new home construction we also do site preparation as well as remodeling.

Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama

As a company we have been around for a decade in our founder Brian Armstrong has been in the home business for multiple decades. We believe that is always important first and solve all the problems that we can. Today our company is mainly involved in two different aspects. One of the aspects is building new homes in the other aspect is doing site work. We believe that both these are key aspects of having an excellent house. We do best was to go if you’re looking for Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. We believe that we are always going to put you first and have excellent patient so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

We have tons of passion to get the job done right. Each and every single project that we do is to have a lots of supervision in many eyes on each step of the process to make sure that his right first time. We always want to be efficient and we want to work with precision all the while working at a quick pace. We’re definitely could speed over quality but we are in your best work fast. Anytime you want but this will take about 6 to 12 months to get that new home depending on the size of your new house. Each one of our superintendents is going to have a low ratio of how many houses. Take care. Some building companies can have superintendents over 50 houses but when you make sure that our superintendents don’t have the stretch that they can ensure that the productivity is happening.

Having a low superintendent is why we are the best place to go for Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. We always enjoy working with clients and meeting people in Alabama. Our owner is from Alabama and we desire to have a passion for making excellent houses in this state that we love. We are always going to work hard and make sure that each and every single employees is always good to have a positive attitude in their own job site. We believe that having a positive attitude is going to make the job faster as well as cleaner. We also have clean site when we leave your house is looking beautiful.

We have a great team answer was going to support each other. Our teamwork is why we are the best place to go for Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. Where was can provide excellent job and give you the dream only always been like before. We make sure that we stay organized all along the way so you can feel safe and confident knowing exactly what is going on. Rows can communicate with you promptly and make sure that we are open and have integrity every step of the way.

You can reach us at or 251-747-3801 to schedule your appointment. Can’t wait to consult with you and show you all of the different options that we can give you and make sure that you have felt hurt every step of the way.