Are you the type of person who might like to try getting a Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama? There are a lot of people that would love to have a custom-built home sometime throughout their life. It is just a process of getting to design your very own home that you get to go home to every single day that just makes it so special. We want to make sure that you get a Construction professional that is Affordable, communicative, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure that all of your needs are met regarding the inside and outside of your home.

Alabama is a huge state and it can be so difficult trying to find a reputable company for whatever service you may need. If you have been recently wanting to renovate your old home to make it look nicer, we can happily provide you with help! If you are the type of person who has been planning a custom-built house for years and you are super excited and ready to get started, Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama can help you out. Brian is the owner of brian t. armstrong construction and has been working super hard since 2013 to build the absolute best homes for people and completely transform their lives.

Brian T. Armstrong Construction has been specializing for many years in remodeling houses, creating plans to custom build homes, and has done an enormous amount of site work jobs that have helped out many other companies. If you would like to visit our website there are many testimonials stating the great job that we do and how we are the highest reviewed construction company in Alabama. If you have been recently searching for a Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama, it is now time to get set up with Brian so he can create the home of your dreams. What is so great about Brian’s company is that he has a very organized system that will include an entire design plan and different models that are drawn up; this means that the company continuously goes above and beyond for each client no matter the circumstances.

Brian T. Armstrong Construction differs from other construction companies in the best way for numerous reasons. One Reason being is that our entire construction process is very simple, stress-free, and you will be a part of every moment of it. This means that you will be just as in control as we are with the design of the outside and the inside of the home. What Brian does best is truly getting to know the client and working with him to figure out the call of the client so that it can be achieved in an efficient manner. He will also receive upfront pricing for the construction as well as the interior design and an invoice stating just how much money goes where so you are aware of everything that is going on.

We would love for you to sign up for a first consultation with us so we can start to build the home of your dreams. If you are interested in more information about our company you can always visit us online at or call us at 251-747-3801. We hope to hear from you soon and get that dream house started!

Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama | Need A New Home Builder?

Many people in the area are struggling to find a good Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. if they are located in Alabama. If you have been searching for a good construction company to remodel your house or build you a custom home, you have found the perfect place! One of the top construction companies and most highly-rated has been Building beautiful homes for people and the Alabama area for over ten years now. They specialize in new home construction, a variety of sitework jobs, and remodeling old homes as well.

Brian T. Armstrong Construction has been working very hard since 2013 to be considered as one of the top companies in Alabama for any construction needs that potential clients may have. Whether you were looking for a custom-built home, help with renovating your current home, or even site work for a different project, Brian knows it all, Considering he is one of the best Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. Brian has been working with his dad for years to gain experience in remodeling and construction. Him and his dad also got the chance to work on a bunch of different land maintenance projects and sitework jobs. This is what gives Brian the credibility and experience to build you the greatest home ever that you will be left feeling overly satisfied over, and we can guarantee that 100%.

Many people may wonder why Brian T. Armstrong construction is so much better than competitors and there are many reasons for that statement. First off, we are one of the most highly reviewed companies in the area and the most reviewed, which means that we have many clients who come to us first rather than other competitors. One great thing about being the best Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama is that we will get down to all the details and we will put the effort and time in to make sure that we are getting the job done exactly how you want it. We also offer upfront pricing and a copy of an invoice just so you know where your money is going and there won’t be any surprising charges.

You may ask yourself, what do I expect during my first consultation with Brian Armstrong? So after you sign up for your first console Brian will come to your house and he will do a proper assessment throughout the entirety of the home and he will take measurements and drop models so that we are able to get the homeowners approval. Then we will start to work on the floor plans and then once those are finished we will have prices for those available for you. After that, the last step, we will take the plans and send them to different contractors so that they can bid on the project.

Have you been searching for a good custom home builder for years and have struggled tremendously? Today is your lucky day. Brian T. Armstrong construction can make any home dream into a reality, no matter the size or the area that it resides in. I would love for you to visit us online at and set up your first consultation so we can get started on that dream house of yours. You can also call us on the phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.