There is at least an average number of people who are looking for a good custom home builder Baldwin County Alabama but cannot seem to find one who is the right fit for them. Over here at Brian T. Armstrong Construction, our goal is to provide you with an environment that you feel good in and that satisfies all of your aesthetic needs regarding your home. We are able to remodel any old home, do site work for certain companies, or even build a fresh new home for you.

Most construction companies only offer the construction aspect of it and will not do anything else but still charge you an amount that is overpriced. What is different about our company is that we offer much more than just plain old Construction. As one of the top Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama, we are able to renovate any house no matter the size or even your office space. Our clients love when we have custom built houses available because it is one of the best services that we offer. We also have all of the experience to do any kind of site work that you or a company might need. We have all of the necessary equipment needed to do the site work to the best of our ability. We are able to do things such as tree removal, demolition, correct drainage issues, construction clean up, and so many more services that are located on our website.

Brian started the company on the basis of wanting to provide new environments for the people in the Alabama Community. He noticed the need of the many people in the community who are just unhappy with their homes yet can’t afford to renovate them or get custom built. That is why he started brian t. Armstrong constructed it so that he can continue to create impacts throughout people’s lives by allowing them to feel more content and happier when at their house on a daily basis. Brian also has a super easy and simple process to follow whether you were wanting to remodel your house or build a new one. All you need to do to start is sign up on the website for your first consultation and You and Brian will be able to discuss all of your dream home Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama plans.

Most people are not aware of what they can expect when they first start working with Brian Armstrong. First you will visit the website and sign up for a consultation; this just means that Brian A team member will come to your house and do an overall assessment and take measurements. They will then figure out the floor plans and the pricing and then they will send those plans to many contractors so that they can bid on the project. What most people love about our company is that we will give an invoice that includes the total price of everything for the entire process so that you are aware of where all of your money is going and it will prevent issues arising in the future.

For more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at or 251-747-3801

Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama | if you can dream it we can dig it

If you were searching for one of the best Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama, you have found yourself in the right place. Brian T. Armstrong Construction is a team of Highly skilled professionals who have had a boomin’ business since 2013. The team specializes in every aspect of the construction profession. This means that the team is able to remodel an old building or house, create a plan for a new home construction, or even do different site work throughout the area for other companies.

Our team of Highly specialized professionals have been working since 2013 to build the most beautiful homes and renovate old homes to make them look new again. Brian Armstrong is the founder of brian t. Armstrong construction and has worked very hard to build a large list of trustworthy clients that can come to him whenever they need help.It all started when Brian was a young kid and he began working with his father on different Remodeling and construction projects. They were able to work on decks, patios, and even do land maintenance projects. With Brian’s years of experience and credibility with Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama clients, he can definitely make anything happen for you regarding your home needs.

Brian T. Armstrong Construction is one of the most highly reviewed and most reviewed companies in the area for all of your construction needs. We have been in business for over 10 years and we have been able to build strong relationships and bonds with each of our clients so that we are able to help them whenever they need it. We have built strong and trustful relationships with each of our clients so that they’re able to get the best Custom Home Builder Baldwin County Alabama. Each of our clients mean the absolute world to us and we want to make sure that we can build a house that will make you feel better about life overall and more satisfied when you’re walking through the door.

There is a reason why most of our clients started out with us because most of our competitors do not do their own site work; this means that they are hiring outside companies which is racking up more time and more money. This results in you having to wait on the building process even longer. We do our own site work to minimize costs and time Between the clients and each team member. Another reason why we are better than our competitors is because we will go straight into detail and get to know you a little bit better just so we know the overall end goal and so we can achieve it.

For more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at or 251-747-3801